The competition, which gained importance with globalization, brought the necessity of providing quality goods and services in the institutions and organizations. Nowadays, Quality and Environment systems have gained more importance in order to provide quality goods and services in private and public sector. It is a fact that competitiveness, reliability, and the satisfaction of employees and customers only pass through quality and on time production. The quality and environment journey of our company serving the private sector was born as a result of this interaction.

Our increased opportunities in all areas have also increased our responsibilities for better and further steps.

Today, primarily to meet the basic needs of all of our national economy and growing with the awareness of our responsibility in maintaining stability and fundamental values of our Republic, we should focus on developing Turkey targets.

To be a powerful institution that is beneficial to the country firstly requires a strong corporate identity. The basic requirement of a strong corporate identity is to carry out your business together with your basic truths.

First we have to do the right thing and do what we do right.

When you create a disciplined, hard-working and productive team with a sense of quality and continuity in quality in service, your way is right, your horizon is clear and your head is perpendicular.

In our work, our password was quality and the sign was continuity. We started our business life with the aim of providing better quality of life. Then we changed and evolved, except our basic understanding of production. Today, with the services we provide in different sectors, we are trying to contribute to our country's goal of achieving the highest level of civilization.

We believe that we have a lot of work to be done throughout the country and throughout the country. We will go through periods where we do not have the luxury to tolerate a loss of time, unplannedness and unprinciple for a longer period of time.

I sincerely believe that we are ready for this, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our employees, business partners and customers who have signed the joint success of Adelsan Group of Company.

Sincerely yours,



As Adelsan Group of Company, we have made it our goal to ensure that the systems are in continuous working condition by being aware of the importance of quality and continuity factors in engineering, maintenance and repair services and energy consultancy and management.

We follow the technological developments in our works that we do fast, reliable and customer focused, and provide 7/24 services with our expert staff in the field. With the principle of zero problem, we always adopt our vision as a vision to realize our projects in a complete and complete manner by using first class workmanship and materials.

With our corporate knowledge and experience, we have always acted with an innovative and environmentally friendly consciousness. In this context, we carry out all activities in our service chain in an ethical and beneficial manner. In every project we sign, we keep quality in the forefront, and we always see our p human benefit ile as our first duty and mission in the sense of mutual respect and trust with our equipped team.


Adelsan Group of Company one of the most important sustainability principles of our company is; respect for man and nature ... We are aware that production, improvement and renewal are supported by our strength from the unity of people. With this awareness, we benefit the environment and society. In the era of information management, we support innovation with our total quality management, customer satisfaction and solution-oriented approach.